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Paradise on the Earth - the Chance, the Need and the Duty

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Primordial Concept
Questions & Answers

The new Civilization, Paradise on the Earth and the Uniform Mankind as the GodMankind should be created by generations living nowadays

Creation of the New Civilization - practically carried out global innovative MetaProject

The Formula of the New Civilization

The civilization is the human society which has achieved a necessary level of spirituality, humanity and ecological culture

The criterion of spirituality of a society, its humanity and friendliness to the nature is determining at decision-making on, whether it is possible to characterize a concrete society as civilized whether or not. Thus the level of development of technologies of production of goods is necessary, but not a sufficient condition for qualification of a society as civilized

In a civilized society its each member should be engaged in extremely business, to carry out the calling, to carry out the Supreme Mission

The major attribute of civilization of a society is its universal aiming at creation of the best conditions for self-accomplishment (self-knowledge, self-development and self-realization) each member of a society. Thus not the person should be arranged under a society, and the society should change in view of features of self-realization of each member of a society.

In a civilized society its each member should have all necessary freedom and all necessary opportunities for own self-realization

Economic basis of freedom of self-realization of a member of a society is the "feeding" property which the social capital, tools of the property of the consumer on means of production should form its professional status, a resource share and tax MetaShare. All public institutes should be engaged in extremely creation of appropriate conditions for self-realization of a member of a society. As during the self-realization the person naturally towers from animal egoism through investment altruism to innovative self-sacrifice, ennobling thus the society and raising a level of its efficiency due to own professionalism and competence, on the one hand, and the nonsusceptibility to indulge in vices, on the other hand

In a civilized society in the center of attention and perfection there are the public relations influencing efficiency of self-realization of its members

The organizational technologies that allowing members of a society most effectively to cooperate among themselves during self-accomplishment, and are the major tool of public perfection. Perfection which should be a subject of exclusive attention of a society, its institutes and its members instead of neglect, as it exists in modern to us societies

Becoming of a civilized society is carried out by civilized image, through the statement within the framework of an existing society of the basic цивилизационных institutes

The optimum form of such statement is association of members of the society interested in creation of the New Civilization corresponding to working rules of law, asserting its institutes during a natural competition. A condition of the statement of institutes of the New Civilization is their current public competitiveness and also economic, social and spiritual efficiency for their founders

Realization of the project of the statement of institutes of the New Civilization

Administration of the Project - the World Civil Front for the New Civilization (MetaFront)

Organizational shell of the New Civilization - Power of the Sunlight (MetaPower)

Base MetaPlatforms of the New Civilization:

MetaMarket as a market mechanism of new type

The MetaPolis as system of crystallization of institutes of the New Civilization

 The priority undertakings of MetaFront directed on the statement of institutes of the New Civilization:

Formation of a financial system of new generation (MetaSystem)

Formation of an infrastructure of direct synthesis-interaction of the consumer and the manufacturer (MetaStructure)

Creation of global system of anti-infectious defence (MetaDefence)

Starting executive bodies of the New Civilization

Metamovement of mutual social development " Gold Section "

Structures of the Metaalliance of direct synthesis - interaction of the consumer and the manufacturer

The LATIS-Center of System of Metaprotection of planetary community

Metabank as a basic part of financial Metasystem

As a whole the complex of priority undertakings forms some kind of the MetaTriad (MetaSystem as financial nucleus of the New Civilization, MetaStructure as its infrastructural basis, and also MetaDefence as bases institutional fillings of the New Civilization) which creation can be defined as

The innovative Program of a thousand years, "the Millennium-Program - the Project on trillion!"

And the name it - is deeply substantial. And rather precisely reflects both scale and perceptivity of the program, and its realness. As, probably, for the first time in a history the civilization project provides balance of material, social and spiritual definitions of the becoming life confidently going on this basis to more than essential change of the deepest bases of a human life. Changes, no doubt, to the best!

A new Civilization... It is a lot of millenia mankind aspired to the best life. In many respects owing to it we have got acquainted with paradoxical true: "Good intentions pave road to a hell ". Hell to which our planet more and more turns. Environmental contamination, destructions of the whole kinds of flora and the fauna, horrifying social degradation on a background of impressing technological progress - all this testifies that the mankind with accrueing speed slides to the destruction, destruction as biological kind, destruction as one of the most light hopes of the Founder of All Real

The New Civilization... The Founder of All Real... And there is a lot of many other words which should help to tell to earthmen Truth. Truth which opens a way to a survival and Prosperity of Mankind. A way to organization of Paradise on the Earth. As other Paradise accessible to the person in its life, is impossible. And other Paradise is not necessary! In fact Paradise already is, and we in it live! But it - too words. We understand each word in own way. Frequently - it is on a miscellaneous. To a plenty - opposite. And only because we do not allow itself work to understand the maintenance of about what the interlocutor actually speaks.

In this connection quite reasonably to return to Eternal: In the Beginning there was a Word! A word, more precisely, the system of words showing real intentions of initiators of Mission-2015, the Maximum Mission of construction of the "Absolut-Version" of the New Civilization, of the Absolut-Civilization. System of words which should be released from semantic noise which does our language practically not suitable for interaction of people. But this system superb copes with a problem of the organization of their counteraction, cultivates hatred between people and their mutual estrangement. Therefore it is necessary to understand words to understand each other and to make common cause

Analysis in words is not end in itself for Mission-2015. Analysis in words - the tool for creation civilization language, free from scurf of the slavish animal consciousness dominating today a human society. Analysis in words - formation of a basis for interaction of people of good will from the most various countries of the world. Speaking in different languages. Living in different cultures. Having different representations practically about all. But obliged to overcome all barriers and to unite the efforts for rescue of mankind and its transformation into Uniform Supermankind as GodMankind

Thus, the present site serving to business of association of earthmen for organization of Paradise on the Earth, will concentrate on the decision of the following basic problems connected with our Word:

  1. Perfection of our ideas about the New Civilization as the Absolut-Civilization, its necessities and an opportunity, and also ways of its statement. The Armos-Concept as the Metaconcept will be put in a basis of this ideas about our civilization constructions. This consept  presented to more than hundred thirty Armos-Sites. Each of these sites represents itself, as a matter of fact, model of this or that word, important for the Metaconcept. But these designs have initiative character and a subject to regular perfection. IWe shall carry out this work also on this site. Naturally, in Russian

  2. But such business as creation of the New Civilization, cannot be carried out by forces of one only people, one only the countries, one only cultures. Therefore the major problem of the present site becomes representation of the Metaconcept to carriers of other languages, in the long term - all languages of the Planet. But also the road around of Globe begins with a first step for a threshold of own house. And that step for our arising Metasite becomes a statement of the Metaconcept civilization constructions in English

  3. The English language, certainly, is the world leader in the market of languages of interethnic dialogue. But as any natural language, it possesses some of lacks. Beginning from difficulties in its studying and finishing problems of " semantic noise ", imposed against each other and making practically impossible exarticulation oriented in the future of sense of the Metaconcept. Language Esperanto, being, probably, one of the brightest in a history of mankind of displays of the genius human should remove this problem. This language also is called to become an official language of the New Civilization

The reasons of the central role Esperanto during becoming the New Civilization are:

  1. This language is ideally adapted for comfortable and rather prompt studying by carriers of the most various cultures
  2. By virtue of use of this language by the most advanced intellectuals of mankind it in much smaller measure in comparison with natural languages filled by semantic noise. Carry of these noise from base languages can be confidently blocked by suitable sluices

  3. Within the framework of an artificial language expediently to create original vector language. This language is called to stimulate an eminence of the human society, taking place today at an animal level, all over again up to the human level, and then - up to a level of the Image and Similarity Divine

  4. Esperanto has hundred thousand and millions admirers all over the world, the developed system of training, the polygraphic, information and other support repeatedly facilitating works of initiators Mission-2015 on creation of conditions of connection to process of construction of New Civilization of tens millions the person literally from all countries of the world

  5. At last. The global community of judges of Esperanto has generated, probably, that culture which is located to actually human culture much more close, rather than constructed on a principle "Dog eat dog" cultures of market fundamentalism and bureaucratic totalitarianism. That considerably raises chances of Mission-2015 of success

But the present nucleus of process of construction of the New Civilization is called to become NCN, New Civilization Network! It even is surprising, that in our world there is such miracle, as NCN! When the basic part of Internet - community compete in primitiveness, dullness and degradation, to meet such concentration of intelligence, understanding of importance of basic changes of human life and creative energy of self-sacrifice, is not a miracle? And unless it not the direct help to mankind about in what it actually should be engaged? Creation, more precisely, Creation of the New Civilization! Thus on base NCN more than it would be logical:

  1. To create some kind of " a control system of flights ", that is the center of global designing and development of institutes of the New Civilization.

  2. To generate a nucleus of a financial system of the New Civilization.

  3. To provide appropriate interaction with all other potential participants of process of Creation of the New Civilization

And among them first of all it is necessary to name so-called LETS (Local Exchange Trading System). This not less inspiring acknowledgement of the future victory of Spirit of the Person above animal mercantilism causes sincere admiration of the constructibility, an ingenuity and aggressiveness. Only on one site devoted LETS, it is possible to find references to such 1500 associations on all Planet. New types of the money, the new relations, new approaches to the decision of traditional problems - such variety, such professionalism, such heights of Idea, Spirit and Soul even did not dream the majority of us. Accordingly LETS:

  1. Is available system for "crystallization" on the base of those institutes of the New Civilization as which they will count for themselves comprehensible.

  2. Possess the decisions of the financial, social and other problems facing to earthmen fulfilled and executed at the highest technological level which can and should become (naturally, with unconditional maintenance of interests of their authors) property of all population of the Planet

  3. Are capable to represent itself as more than serious partners during development and realization of a full complex of institutes of the New Civilization

The following important potential partner during realization of the Absolut-Version of the New Civilization objectively is set of institutes of a civil society which many prominent representatives participated and continue to participate in work of the so-called Civil Eight putting before self by the purpose to inform up to leaders G8 vision of the decision of global problems from the point of view of a civil society. Certainly, it - specific public, in many respects dependent on financial grants of authorities and business, but in it are on the present unique persons with whom the New Civilization it is obvious on a way.

At last, it is impossible to forget and about such kind of a resource, as diaspora of inhabitants of the former countries of socialist camp widely distributed worldwide. They have invaluable experience - they not only is successful enough (in a separate part, certainly) adapted for capitalist life, but also had not time to forget socialist experience. Which, no doubt, contains a grain of the future, a grain of transition from discipline of a stick and discipline of starvation as fundamental bases of bureaucratic totalitarianism and market fundamentalism to discipline of Heart and Discipline of Spirit

Occurrence and global becoming of such unique public phenomena as esperanto-community, New Civilization Network, Local Exchange Trading System, institutes of a civil society and other social movements going to the future about which we only should learn, - their occurrence is the best confirmation of that time of the New Civilization has come. It also will appear, most likely, in its Absolut-Version, in the version of the Absolut-Civilization basing on advanced co-organization and the economic decisions, unprecedented horizons of economic, social and spiritual efficiency providing to it

It was spoken Earlier: quickly the fairy tale affects, yes has not quickly put is done. In our case a fairy tale, that means the Word, in many respects also is actually business. Since, as Bulgakov spoke, ruin not in rest rooms, and in heads. And in those forgotten corners of a head in which the place for civilization ideas is located, the ruin is great as anywhere. With emptying these Avgy stables of a full desorientation in civilization questions Mission-2015 also will begin. With gratitude perceiving the feasible help of those to whom the future of mankind and our heavenly spot in the universe is not indifferent, our Fine Earth!

And some words about a label used in for more exact definition of concepts, used at the description of the approach to the statement of institutes of the New Civilization. As in its frameworks the original system of the concepts necessary for representation of essentially new contents of the Absolut-Version of the New Civilization is formed, but thus is compelled traditional terminology on the given site as such label of presence of the new contents in well-known concept definition Meta (the MetaFounder, the MetaMankind, the MetaCivilization, MetaConcept, the MetaApproach, the MetaStructure, the MetaFinance, MetaCulture, etc.) is used

About the Absolut-Version of the New Civilization

The Absolut-Version of the New Civilization is in detail enough submitted in Russian. To its description are devoted more than 130 sites. Acquaintance in English with the concept the Absolut-Civilization and a course of its practical realization will be carried out on on the present site and in News Log "Practical Way to the New Civilization" which is open in New Civilization Network (NCN). In frameworks of NCN the working group " We create the New Civilization " is created also

If at you need to acquaintance with those or other positions of the concept of the New Civilization will appear before they will be translated, you can take advantage of services of automatic translators from Russian on English which are widely submitted in the Internet

Steps on a way to Uniform SuperMankind as GodMankind

The starting program of actions (6.08.06)

The CELP-Program of creation of the perfect market (7.08.06)

Development and realization of the program of creation of system of the MetaProtection deciding the following basic problems:

  • MetaProtection of the person against the elementary and other misfortunes, that is protection of planetary community against threat of the pandemic flu, others infectious, traumatic, radiating and other threats, including burns and traumas, and clearing of our transitory bodies of unbidden visitors of all types and updatings

  • MetaProtection of the Nature against the person, that is protection of our Fine Blue Planet against ourselves, first of all due to effective recycling household and industrial wastes, and also creation of inviolable Paradise Places and Paradise Natural Resources (reserves of water, meal and air)

  • MetaProtection of the person against the person, that is self-defense from criminal, ecological, information, organizational, economic, legal, power, financial and other risks

Initiation of creation of Metacommittee (Committee for uniform and prospering mankind)

Formation of a basis of the Global MetaMarket, system of Internet - advance orders sections as MetaPoints of consolidation of all spectrum of consumer pools

Formation of a corporate MetaAlliance of direct sales and direct purchases

Creation of the GuaranteeFondoBank as nucleus of the MetaBank being, in turn, a core of financial MetaSystem of the New Civilization

Contact data

Common questions: conducer@armos.ru


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