The CELP-formula of the perfect (absolute) market


In previous millennia the initiative of formation of infrastructures of interaction of the consumer and the manufacturer belonged or bureaucracy (the USSR and other socialist countries), or to businessmen (the so-called Western world), or those and anothers together. Their creations were useful enough, due to them the world has lived till present time, but today they are an obvious anachronism. The clear proof of an inefficiency of modern western market model has sounded today in the morning, on August, 7, 2006, on EuroNews: from 62 billion the euros received from sale of coffee, only... 7 percent have got to manufacturers! It and is not surprising, in fact the market device reminds trip from Paris to London through Peking, moreover on square wheels as - as so-called liberal economists assure us, round wheels will have nothing to make a start.


But not only growth of costs causes necessity of full replacement of existing market institutes on essentially new model of interaction of the consumer and the manufacturer. Much more important problem is the problem of quality of delivered production. In particular - food stuffs where the market directly resists to interests of the consumer, ruining his health, and for additional money of the consumer.

The new model of the perfect market supported by Power of the Sunlight, it is possible to define as the CELP-TRANSFORMER where "CELP" = the Consumer + the Expert + the Logistic + the Manufacturer, and "transformer" specifies converting character of the majestic market concept. Includes model "CELP-Transformer" which as follows from its name, the following basic elements form:


  1. Consolidated consumer passing to management by change of technologies of the production of the goods necessary for him, participations and services, and first of all - preservation of environment surrounding him, not through mythical an invisible hand of the market and through a direct control from the Consumer of processes of industrial development of mankind.
  2. The system expert providing examination, certification and a rating estimation from the Consumer all spectrum of the goods necessary for the consumer, participations (including investment, innovative and civilization) and services, extremely effectively supporting all spectrum of critical decisions accepted by the consumer.
  3. Complex logistic, supporting process of all-round maintenance of direct synthesis - interaction of the consumer and the manufacturer in commodity, credit, investment, innovative, guarantee and other spheres, basing thus on constructed from the Consumer system of organizational, information, financial, commodity and other interaction of the consumer and the manufacturer.
  4. The conscientious manufacturer interested in manufacture in interests of the end user of the goods necessary for him, participations and services of the best quality with the least costs, under condition of the decision the consolidated consumer of corresponding investment, credit, marketing and other problems.


Similar construction of the Global MetaMarket allows to achieve the following results:

  1. Cardinal (in times, at times on the order) decrease in the current costs of the consumer in a combination to improvement of quality of the consumed goods, participations and services, improvements of service, maintenance of the appropriate responsibility of the manufacturer before the consumer, and also, and this most important, escalating by the consumer of the personal capital of the "feeding" property being the unique basis of original freedom.
  2. Transition of the industry developing in majestic frameworks, to rails of management of change of technologies, it is unique capable to provide interests of mankind in conditions of increasing nonlinearity of social development.
  3. Formation of system of business Internet - positions in-home, taking up the functions which are carried out today by the advanced market infrastructure, providing thus and decrease in consumer expenses, and increase of incomes of managers of the MetaMarket, and creation of conditions for occupation by managers, their near and their distant business, realization of the calling, the Supreme Mission


Realization of mainframes of a market CELP-Transformer carries out:

  1. Movement of mutual social development Gold Section , creating within the framework of the International Investment Community-consumer Union a global infrastructure of consolidation of consumer pools Unimarnet. Movement answers also for creation of all other elements of the CELP-Transformer and carries out their functions during a presence of these elements in a stage of becoming.
  2. System of the centers of consumer examination, certification and a volumetric rating estimation which starting nucleus the Laboratory - analytical Technological AntiInfectious LATIS-Center created within the framework of System of AntiInfectious Defense and protection against threat of bioterrorism becomes, and also other threats (System of MetaProtection).
  3. The international Association of the effective market, an openness and the social responsibility of business and the development, determined as the Absolut-Association responsible for formation of business - space of direct manufacturers of the goods, participations and services on the basis of the highest world standards directed on achievement of the best ratio "expense - quality".
  4. The MetaBank creating on the basis of specialized division of Absolut-Association harmonized from the Consumer an infrastructure of optimization of the transport, distributive, information, organizational, financial and other streams, focused on achievement of the best ratio "quality - costs - service - the responsibility - consumer capitalization".


Thus in quality of a point of a support for process of becoming of institutes of the New Civilization the System of MetaProtection, basic local and which global potentialities in a context of CELP-Transformation and civilization constructions essence the following is determined:

1.       A unconditional urgency of this program for hardly probable not each person, hardly probable not for all alive world of the Planet, connected to the following circumstances:

a.       in struggle against the elementary (viruses, bacteria, fungi, parasites and other public) the mankind is actually defenseless, traditional tools of struggle (a vaccine and medicines) on this field, is especial in situations of occurrence new, including as a result of a mutation, viruses are in essence useless, and MetaProtection is aimed at introduction of the newest technologies capable effectively to resist to all spectrum of threats on the part of elementary, and also connected with burns, poisonings, radiating and traumatic defeats;

b.       the MetaProtection focused, first of all, on creation of system of emergency reaction, is adjusted also on improvement of health of the participants, and also protection of all spectrum of their interests against all complex of existing threats - ecological, financial, information, criminal, economic, etc.;

c.       MetaProtection allows the participants not only to solve the consumer problems, but also to receive steady growing incomes, not leaving from a house, finding an opportunity to be engaged in the business, cooperating with partners and adherents, instead of with bureaucrats and businessmen, creating thus a social fabric of Uniform SuperMankind as GodMankind

2.       The expressed infrastructural character of System of MetaProtection as its base divisions will be created on the basis of industrial, territorial and club communities of participants of System, in the long term - on all Planet.

3.       The created infrastructure is initially projected that it has achieved peak efficiency when on it will go not less than 80 percent of a world circulation of the goods, participations and services, by 2015