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Primordial Concept
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[В стадии разработки]


In the beginning there was a Word...

And it - is not casual. For the Word is the carrier and Souls, both Spirit, and originally Alive Life! As is known, Word can kill, they can cure, Word can create conditions for creation of the New Civilization and organization thus Paradise on the Earth to which can become a monastery of shown Uniform Supermankind as GodMankind. But this process can take place only through harmonization of efforts of all without exception of the earthmen directed on realization of the Supreme Mission of the Life on the Earth, Revival, Animation and Spiritualization of the Universe. And without the Word, and Words Primary, here to not do without

Primary here it is not understood as that word, that " was at the God ". As is known, "a Cezare quel che e di Cesare, a Dia quel che e di Dia". Accordingly "primary" here means " going from deep essence ", from the general to the particular, from general to especial and from it to individual. As for people reasonable it is important to understand our position completely. And either to accept it, or to not accept. And if not to accept, probably to take part in its specification. Or to create the " the Primordial Concept" about the New Civilization. Which, probably, will be better to correspond to the applicability and without doubts it will be accepted all

In fact, as a matter of fact, assignment of it a site will consist not only and not so much in showing to the world the Absolut-Version of the New Civilization to which all Armos-Sites are anyhow devoted, and them, we shall notice, hundreds, how many are much greater in exciting energy of judgement of a problem of necessity of purposeful creation of the New Civilization. In fact it is known: the main advantage of a method of thinking will consist not in how think of a subject, and that in general think of it. And correctly to set the task, means, half it to solve. Our statement of a task it is unique correct: The new Civilization aimed in the Vertical of Spirit and showing in this Vertical Uniform Supermankind as GodMankind is not only a sufficient condition for finding by mankind Actual Immortality, but a necessary condition of it, mankinds that is, a primitive survival as biological kind. As self-destructive practice of existing mankind than other, except for as its premature demise from own nonsense, cannot end. And "the Primordial Concept" too will tell about it

Principles of "perfection of a lexicon"

The problem " Words of the New Civilization " includes all difficulties, with which any word (an illegibility of the contents, the various interpretation, increasing and increasing semantic noise, etc.) collides, getting thus new, including the following:

  1. The word of the New Civilization should be not scalar, serving, as a brick, for the most different purposes, and vector, that is precisely focusing in the essence of all without exception of earthmen on purposeful movement during realization by each person of the Supreme Mission to Uniform Supermankind as GodMankind

  2. The word of the New Civilization is called thus to answer internal, deep sensations of each person, is especial that from them which are described by proverbs " not in the sledge do not sit ", " from destiny you will not leave ", " talent become apparent", " hunting more than bondage ", " not for fear, and for conscience ", etc.

  3. The word of the New Civilization is simply doomed to give true, free from mercantile interests authority and money possessing, a picture of the world in which there is no place of system lie such as " democracy, certainly, disgusting style of board, but all others - is even worse "

  4. The word of the New Civilization is obliged to set not only a vector of aspiration to the best future, but also connection between all spectrum of daily problems which excite the person, including about what cannot be spoken especially valid their seeming "negligibility"

  5. The word of the New Civilization, at last, should prove to be true business, business of the practical universal statement of institutes of the New Civilization, business which will invariable encounter resistance and meet difficulties, business which business of them will overcome, not turning off with the elected way

But these qualities of " the Word of the New Civilization " should be, if it is possible so to be expressed, result, instead of a starting point of work above it. And works which would be conducted it is unceasing, with participation as it is possible the greater number of interested persons. Interested, we shall notice, not in demonstration of own nonsense, wildness and barbarity, than the Internet - forums even applying for a certain intellectuality, and in the real decision more than really worth problem of a survival and development of mankind are executed. We also consider such participants of process of perfection of the Word of the New Civilization to find in NSN, LETS-communities, Esperanto-Community and civil institutes. And also, certainly, in any other place for there is no person if he has not lost the rest of the human essence which at heart would not aspire to tell the Word in business of the statement of the New Civilization as MetaCivilization

Also will speak so far as many, and everyone will put own sense in the words, the major task of initiators civilization process is creation of verbal space in which words would have determined enough, publicly announced and correctly determining sense. Otherwise they simply cannot be used in process civilization interactions. But there is also other, not less important task. It can be defined as giving to traditionally flat words of volume, sky-rocket and vector. These purposes will be served with a heavy use of a label "Meta" allowing not only to declare the important difference of sense of new word-formation from the transformed word, but also about its eminence directed to the Vertical of Spirit, to Height of Soul, to the Eminence of the Person and Mankind

Therefore starting activity of administration of the World Civil Front for the New Civilization (namely it is called to become an organizing part in business of the statement of institutes of the New Civilization) in work with the Word of the New Civilization from the Word Primary up to the Word Finishing will lean on the following basic tools:

  • Complex of the sites stating in base languages (Russian, English, Esperanto and, in process of expansion of opportunities, all others) system of the concepts representing by a principle "from the general to the particular" all vision of the world of the Absolut-Version of the New Civilization, aspiring, naturally, to loss of the characteristics of the individual version and purchase of general character

  • Complex of LiveJuornals, Blogs and Logs, and also specialized lingvofotums. On which constant discussions concrete " semantic units " which in process of their specification will be included in the corresponding dictionaries which are represented on sites and carrying out a role some kind of current language standards of the New Civilization are organized

  • Complex of forums, chats, conferences, Internet - editions and mass media, publications, monographies and other traditional forms of the report of the information up to potentially interested persons with their invitation to participation during perfection of the Word and the Affair of the New Civilization as MetaCivilization

Thus it is necessary to understand, that any of brought on sites or other resources of Metafront of concepts, any of concepts represented here does not apply for the validity in last instance. All of them are initial hypotheses which are subject to perfection and specification as in themselves, and in interrelation with other concepts, both of a statics, and in dynamics of a public life, both within the framework of the official MetaStandard of the MetaCivilization, and in a context of use of these concepts of all without exception alive languages. The MetaConcept in this sense only sets an initial point and a direction of movement


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